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Why choose Network Control for your TEM needs?

Controlling your wireline, wireless and data services, and other telecom expenses is hard enough when you are deployed across the U.S. Additionally, if you have offices around the world, then understanding (let alone controlling) your services cost is truly daunting – and often impossible.

With Network Control Managing your Communications Expenses you'll get:

  • A single application and database to manage all your voice, wireless, data and cloud services, assets and spend.
  • The ability to forensically review, audit and dispute every bill – month in and month out – and deliver 100% of those savings back to you!
  • A partner that performs and streamlines all the IT/Telecom operations you don’t have the resources or expertise to execute.
  • The most detailed inventory and asset management solution in the market to help you manage all things telecom.
  • An advocate for your business: you spend a lot of money on carriers and you don’t deserve to let them cheat you – but they do.
  • A single view of both summary and detailed reports delivered in the format you require to make more informed decisions.
  • An independent, objective partner who will benchmark and review all contracts, rates and terms and conditions – and is not an Agent/Broker.

All of which work together to give you complete visibility into, and control of, your company’s communications assets, services and spend.

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