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What Makes Network Control Different?

If you’re like most companies, paying your voice, data and wireless bills is more guesswork than fact. Add distributed offices, a hybrid workforce, changing technologies, rules and regulations and you’ve got a recipe for chaos–and that costs your business in more ways than just financial.

There are dozens of companies out there offering to help you make sense of your telecom and mobility spend as well as the assets that make up that spend. Some provide technology to crunch line items and process invoices, often requiring you to bend your in-house procedures into a pretzel in order to make the system work.

Others rely on teams of reviewers to pour over representative samples of your bills, looking for problems and opportunities and offering recommendations for improvement.

Still others focus on contract analysis and negotiation, promising more favorable terms and service levels.

What do they all have in common? A model that takes everything but the unique needs of your business into account.

Network Control is different.

We start with an initial audit—a deep dive into your last 12 months of invoices, contracts, inventory, procurement, provisioning and deployment processes in order to understand your spend, find initial opportunities, and most important, to fine tune our process to meet your needs, not our methodology.

Next, our team will map out a detailed plan for you, showing what you’ll get from every step. When you’re ready, Network Control is ready. We can take over your entire procurement process using our expertise and deep knowledge of market-best pricing, terms and SLAs. We’ll review, revise or create company-wide policies and procedures designed to improve visibility, reduce fraud and risk, lower expenses. We’ll keep you ahead of industry trends like BYOD. You’ll have quantitative analytics for fact-based decisions.

Finally, we put in a dedicated account team to build out and manage all ongoing processes so that you can be sure your telecom and wireless worlds will run smoothly and efficiently. That means you’ll get reduced and predictable costs; higher levels of service for your employees; better controls for management.

What Makes Network Control Different?