Telecom Expense Audit

In addition to our core telecom expense management services, a scheduled Telecom Audit can be, not just a cost saver, but a strategic advantage.

With the complexities of most companies’ telecommunications network, changing market rates, complicated contracts and even more complicated vendor incentives, it can be very important to take a full expense audit of your environment. Telecom expense auditing isn’t new, but getting the most out of an audit is where Network Control stands out from the rest.

Our track record of successful telecom audit services includes some of the most complicated billing and contractual analyses imaginable. As part of our unique audit process and using an extensive and proprietary master list of complex issues most other auditors (or service providers) have seldom seen, we perform a “deep dive”, forensic search to find the overcharges other auditors and TEM providers have missed–and turn them into client refunds. Looking to find a new supplier? We can arm you for negotiations. Feel like your costs are getting out of sync with your current level of services? Network Control’s team identify problem areas and opportunities for savings.

Our telecommunications audit can identify problems like multiple billing for circuits under different accounts: double billing (where the same circuits appear and are charged on two different bills) happens more often than you’d think. Phantom network circuits are also a hard-to-find but common problem identified by our telecom audit services. And it can cut both ways: key pieces may inadvertently not be billed, accruing a liability, and in other cases you may be paying for a component service that should have been turned off. This often happens with site changes, acquisitions, and office moves. Our telecom audits will catch provisioning problems that often happen when new rates under existing contracts or recent amendments are not accurately applied. And these are just the “easy” ones.

Our Telecom Audits find errors and issues that other telecom expense management services typically miss because of our deep expertise and industry knowledge, decades of experience, and a rigorous forensic methodology. Find out how we saved one company $1.3Million even when they had another TEM in place.