by Tanya Seda

As a TEM provider, we are seeing enterprises struggle with the communications infrastructure and processes they have in place to support their international growth.  As they grow it soon becomes clear that the complex manual processes around procurement, MACDs and contract validation that may have worked (and I say “may”) before can no longer keep up.  Bringing order and cost-efficiency to this chaos is where the right TEM provider can dramatically help your business.

Below are a couple areas where having a TEM solution can improve your operations:

  1. International Growth of Communications infrastructure

The relatively recent SD-WAN movement has given companies the opportunity to transform the way their communications footprints are designed. We see enterprises trying to improve their communications and bring together geographically dispersed business units under a converged architecture. This has been driven by bandwidth demand and a desire to leverage new communications technologies international footprints, which in turn create technical and cost complexity. As these complex conditions come together we are noting increased demand for TEM solutions, as management realizes that they do not have the staff or expertise to solve the problem.

The ability to reach and stay connected to a global workforce and customer base creates an environment full of complexities, many of them unexpected. As the expansion unfolds, these factors come together to change how enterprises use network bandwidth and the types of telecom services they need for their entire technology environment.

Managing endpoints, connections and services over a global network is extremely complex. To make matters worse, the telecom industry is currently experiencing disruption as new technologies and capabilities come to the market and adoption accelerates. This additional complexity makes TEM solutions critical.

  1. Complex manual processes

As technology has evolved, we have seen something as simple as identifying why conference call quality  is degrading turn into a deep analysis of whether the network is bottlenecking somewhere along the VoIP network or if the WAN needs an upgrade.  An enterprise can find it is overspending in one or more of these areas and the integration of IT and telecom systems makes it difficult to identify precisely where a problem resides.

A TEM solution can track PRI, SIP and WAN service to map that usage to service contracts in order to help enterprises identify exactly what they are paying for relative to what they actually need. This type of visibility is even more necessary as voice and data technologies converge.

International and IT-telecom convergence highlight increased complexity enterprises face. The rise of these services has resulted in changes to enterprise networks, while industry regulations and emerging communications technologies are coming together to create an environment of ever-greater complications. The problem isn’t just that telecom systems are complex. Instead, we find that many enterprises are still using manual processes to monitor and track these services. This method cannot keep up in a growth environment. To be blunt, it no longer works.

Enterprises dealing with more sophisticated telecom services need to automate their service tracking and documentation processes if they have any hope of staying on top of their infrastructure and service contracts. TEM solutions provide the management capabilities enterprises need to keep valid inventories of devices and services, which allows for more data to be gathered and analyzed to provide a clear view of the telecom environment and use.  Only then can efficient oversight and management occur.

TEM solutions offer transparency into the complex and often misaligned aspects of the enterprise technology budget. As IT teams face pressure to justify their costs and deliver a return on investment, being more informed about the telecom environment is critical. With international growth, IT-telecom convergence and manual processes all affecting telecom plans at once, the enterprise can use TEM solutions to stay ahead of that complexity and ensure visibility and accurate decision-making to inform their telecom strategies.