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Telecom Expense Audit

Now More than Ever you Need to Find Ways to Find Cost Savings—Fast!
The World has Changed and We’ve Designed a Telecom Audit Service to Meet New Challenges

Network Control audit savings average 26.5%

Critical Help in These Financially Challenging Times

With most companies’ telecommunications networks, changing market rates, complicated contracts, and even more complicated vendor incentives, it can be nearly impossible to know where you stand from a service level, rates or even performance to contract. When you add in temporary or permanent office closures, relocations, work-from-home requirements, the task of keeping track of your network inventory and its associated expenses is daunting. That’s where Network Control’s Audit Service shines.

87% of Companies are being Overcharged!

The Network Control Audit knows that most companies are being overcharged in some or even many areas of their communications network. They may be assessed fees for services no longer necessary or paying above-market-rate pricing for their services. To find and correct these problems, our audit activities include:

  • Ensuring services are located at a confirmed customer location
  • Verifying that inventory quantities match the billed amounts
  • Validating that billed amounts match contractual rates
  • Identifying double-billing or under-utilization of resources

A key component to the Network Control enhanced audit process is the creation of a detailed and complete inventory of all network components and assets. This enables our team to identify potential savings based on rates, service types, unnecessary features, overutilization/underutilization, avoidable late fees, and streamline processing by removing paper invoices where electronic billing is available.


Realizing the Savings

Once the inventory is built, opportunities for savings are presented, along with potential optimizations. These may include elimination of previously unknown duplication of services or equipment, and the opportunity for contract consolidation to secure improved rates and service levels. Network Control will also review inventory for network improvements that may not result in direct savings (no-charge speed upgrades, billing consolidation, etc.), but which will improve performance and efficiency.

Most importantly, we will work with you to get the savings and cost reductions we identify. Since, unlike many other TEM providers, Network Control is not an Agent or Carrier Broker and receives no compensation from vendors, we can provide our services under a contingency gain share or fixed project fee model.

Our track record of successful telecom audit services includes some of the most complicated billing and contractual analyses imaginable. As part of our unique audit process and using an extensive and proprietary master list of complex issues most other auditors (or service providers) have seldom seen, we perform a “deep dive”, forensic search to find the overcharges other auditors and TEM providers have missed–and turn them into client refunds.


Our average audit provides real savings of 26.5%!

In Tough Times You Need the Pros

Our Telecom Audits find errors and issues that other telecom expense management services typically miss because of our deep expertise and industry knowledge, decades of experience, and a rigorous forensic methodology. For example, ask us how we saved one company $1.3 Million even when they had another TEM vendor in place!


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