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Our belief is that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make, so we regularly gather resources from around the industry regarding regulations, rates, service offerings, policy changes—you name it.

Here’s a rich collection of unbiased information designed to help your business.

Case Study – Major Energy Company

Case Study – Semiconductor Procurement

Case Study – Retail Manufacturer

Telecom Bill Payment Service

Mobility Solutions

TEM: The Next Generation

Learn how telecom expense management has evolved into Technology Expense Management to address the increasingly complex needs of today’s business. Network Control pioneered expense management for voice and data, and we’re doing the same for your wider IT infrastructure, of which communications is now an integral part.

About Network Control

This fact sheet will give you an overview of Network Control, our unique approach to managing your voice and wireless expenses, and the services we offer.


Why Network Control is Different

If you’re like most companies, paying your voice, data and wireless bills are more guesswork than fact. There are a lot of TEM/WEM companies out there who offer to help you manage these expenses, but most of the time they fall short. Click here to read how Network Control is different from the rest.

Mobility Management

Of all the parts of your company’s overall communications infrastructure, no other component is so confusing, complex, and frequently changing than your mobile devices. With so much of your business being driven through smartphones, tablets and the like, it’s critical to have solid control, clear insight, and appropriate policies in place to keep your business secure, your customers happy and your employees productive.

TEMIA Report: Executive Sponsorship on Strategic Projects

Just released by TEMIA, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, this report underscores not only the importance of executive sponsorship in important network, infrastructure, and policy programs, but shares critical insights into the best—and most valuable—ways in which executives can help without being dragged into the details of such a project, or without interfering with progress. It’s a terrific and timely read as we start the new year with, no doubt, lots of projects on the horizon.

TEMIA Report: Developing a Sustainable ROI, Cost Justification and Business Case for TEM

In this white paper from TEM industry association TEMIA and Network Control you’ll learn how to build a clear business case and a supporting return on investment model to support the implementation of a telecom expense management solution.

Anatomy of a Decision

In this report by the well-known industry analyst Blue Hill Research, you’ll gain valuable insights from two customers into the decision-making process that resulted in the selection of Network Control from a range of other TEM vendors. You’ll also learn about the implementation and onboarding processes, and the value gained.