By Tanya Seda

There are an ever-increasing number of communications needs that the typical enterprise faces today, so many, in fact, that  a fast-growing number of them are looking at an SD-WAN-based solution. Over the past year we have heard many of our customers ask us what to do as their bandwidth needs rise and they have been directed to reduce IT spend. To add to this challenge, we also see other IT areas demanding attention, most notably cloud support and improved security. Against this tension between diminished budget and increased need, the stage has been set for a deep review of SD-WAN technology.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas of IT challenge:

Rising Bandwidth Demands: Enterprises are using more data than ever before. Larger files attachments, video and more require increased demand on the network.  Also, managing multiple MPLS connections, handling applications and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are all adding to the congestion.

Declining IT Budgets: As IT and their role in business operations is growing their budgets are declining or staying flat. Most enterprises are in a position where they can no longer purchase enough bandwidth to meet demand. These reduced budgets will not allow for the pricy MPLS circuits that are needed to increase bandwidth in their current environment.

Cloud: Most enterprises today have or are migrating applications to the cloud. They are finding that current application performance on existing WAN infrastructures is becoming a real problem, as reliability is being compromised. New cloud-based applications mitigate the requirements for an “in-company” WAN solution vs. a “cloud-connected” environment, with the added benefits of lower cost and greater scalability.

Security: The main reason enterprises avoid using the public internet for their WAN is, of course, security. When assessing WAN costs and how to lower them most enterprises will not compromise their security. They still require strong encryption and threat protection throughout the organization, arguably now more than ever.


Historically businesses have chosen an MPLS WAN connection over the public internet primarily for security. That was a workable solution in the past, as the MPLS network allowed for a secure connection for a reasonable cost. However, with bandwidth demand increasing, the cost of these WAN deployments is becoming unworkable. Traditional WAN architectures are not designed to support the new consumption model of apps in the most efficient way. The access to apps residing in the network make many unnecessary hops resulting in wasted bandwidth, additional cost and latency issues. Therefore, the enterprise will benefit from simplifying their WAN architecture to achieve more flexibility.

Welcome SD-WAN!  SD-WAN tackles the challenges inherent to the traditional model and supports the new application model. It gives businesses the ability to leverage a public Internet connection for a fraction of the cost without compromising security.

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