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Ordering & Provisioning

Voice and Data Ordering and Provisioning

Carriers and vendors often have complex and even archaic ordering processes, and no two are alike. There are lots of places for mistakes and problems to occur—and they do! With Network Control’s provisioning services, our experts will order and provision all of your voice and data circuits in order to ensure services are installed on time, correctly, and in compliance with policy and contracts. We’ll catch any mistakes before they become a problem with our state-of-the-art telecom tools and experienced staff. You can rest easy that the right devices and services are being installed at the right time, and at the right prices.

Wireless and Mobile Provisioning

There is nothing more complicated and time-consuming than ordering wireless devices and their supporting services. Our wireless provisioning service removes the burden of sorting out requests, ensuring wireless compliance at all levels and offering a great customer service experience. Our provisioning desk is customized to be transparent to your users; they’ll never know they’re not talking to internal staff. Our knowledgeable professionals are intimately familiar with all facets of the wireless world, as well as your specific policies, contracts and available services.

Network Control will ensure users are fully compliant with company policies, and we’ll handle every aspect of ordering, setup, configuration, plan selection and even end-user training.

Ordering & Provisioning

Conference Call Provisioning

Conference calls are the lifeblood of most businesses, but the cost of conferencing services can get out of control quickly. Our provisioning team knows the features, services, and capabilities of the various conferencing call services and vendors, so not only will we offload the burden of managing this internally, but we’ll make sure you’re getting the services you need, at the right price, with the right controls in place to ensure compliant usage.

Our provisioning desk will order and set up new employee accounts, provide reporting for appropriate cost allocation, validate monthly invoices, and provide complete help desk support for your team—from use help to password recovery, troubleshooting, and anything else needed to keep your business efficient.


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