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Network Inventory Management

Knowing what services and devices are within your communications network is critical to your business, but nearly impossible to accomplish on your own. When you partner with Network Control you will get a detailed and accurate telecom inventory.

You’ll get:

  • An accurate accounting of your services, devices, locations, cost center, Circuit IDs, associated cost, and billing.
  • Ongoing oversight to keep it accurate regardless of changes to your environment or business.
  • Complete ownership on your behalf of all add/moves involving your network inventory management so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Detailed accuracy, with as many as 115 inventory fields/tables for just a single service.

We Manage the Complexity for you

Given the ever-changing features of MPLS, SD-WAN, wireless and other technology services, in-house network inventory management is far beyond the cost-effective use of internal resources for most businesses, even as mandates to reduce costs pressure the organization. That’s particularly problematic when you’re trying to optimize services, negotiate better rates and terms to meet those financial goals within your telecom management.

Network Inventory Management

That’s why companies of all sizes look to Network Control, as opposed to other telecom solutions, to make sense of the chaos, create and manage an accurate communications inventory of your specific assets.

How it Works

As part of our Network Inventory Management service, your dedicated team of telecom experts will analyze and develop detailed expense information for your entire network—data that meets your needs, so you have the oversight you require in today’s evolving industry.

Using our proprietary TemNet® web-based software application, we have as many as 115 inventory definition data elements that can be associated with a single network service. We can also link services together to assure business continuity for multi-drop circuits, local and long-distance lines and split invoicing for same services by carriers. This detailed inventory enables us to ensure accuracy of tracking while providing the most valuable reporting in both summary and detail formats. Our tools and team ensure that you always accurately know what you really have, so critical when trying to keep service levels up but costs down.

With our service we’ll track specific installation and termination events, which can result in hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in cost savings. We’ll also monitor site closures and employee terminations, another source of important control, security and cost savings. You can’t do that just from vendor invoices. Our Network Inventory Management service is designed to give you the complete, accurate information you need to manage your critical communications environment.


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