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Mobility Solutions

Wireless device use and expense is through the roof at most corporations, and companies must dedicate more and more resources every year to reduce costs. Instead of just chasing minutes usage, it's about data, device selection, smartphone vs. tablet, data pool allocations, and much more. Network Control has the expertise and bandwidth to help you drastically reduce wireless spend and optimize your mobile services.

Typical Engagement

Our typical engagement has three major components:

  1. Assess and analyze your current telecom services.
  2. Adjust current overcharges, balance services, plans and phones.
  3. Ongoing Activities: Monitor wireless services and procurement; ensure consistency, efficiency and compliance; and proactively address contract or service changes. Constant oversight and proactive alerting on High Data Users, International Charges, Low and No Data use and much more - to drive costs down.

Common Wireless Issues

Lack of visibility
Without visibility at every level into the real cost of connectivity, it is impossible to control. You can't manage what you can't measure.

Constant plan changes
Carriers change up their plans to provide better service, extend current offerings, and attract new users. Keeping up is a full time job.

Inventory control and purchasing
Without a centralized procurement process for all "domestic and international" mobile devices, companies can't optimize their plan use, receive volume discounts, or control IT and support costs.

Pool management
When excess use is not closely monitored and adjusted, new data pool services frequently result in exorbitant overcharges. Also, purchasing too much “pooled service” can result in your buying more than you can consume.

Billing errors
With complex services comes complex billing, and the inevitable billing errors. Careful invoice review is still the foundation of an effective mobility management program.

Typical Savings

The best way to measure costs in mobility management is by calculating the monthly cost per device:

Monthly Invoice $ / # of Devices = $/device/month

Even if you add or remove devices the measure stays 'apples to apples', allowing meaningful trend analysis and accurate cost management. For example, our wireless customers are typically paying an overall average of $87.54/device when we start working with them. Within three months the average cost drops to $55.54/device, a per-device savings of $32.00.

With Network Control's help, a company with 750 devices could save over $253,000 a year (see chart).

Mobile Policy Management

Adherence to your company usage policy isn't just about following the rules--it's about having the right policies in place to maintain security, risk mitigation and cost management. As part of our mobility services, your Network Control team will create, suggest or improve your wireless policy based on industry best practices to assure compliance to all corporate requirements and policies.

Pool Management

Pools help limit telecom costs, but only if they are closely watched. Without someone monitoring pool usage and analyzing every invoice, it is possible for thousands of dollars of overage charges to occur and go unnoticed.

While it is true that pooled minutes have been around for years and are largely a known quantity, pool balancing still requires a methodical approach. The only way to properly manage a pool plan, whether it is minutes or data, is careful review of usage on a device-by-device basis. It is more important than ever to review pool usage every month.

Our Customers

  • Achieve typical first year telecom expense reductions over 30%
  • Provide higher levels of telecom services to their employees
  • Take advantage of Network Control’s telecom-specific business processes, software and expertise
  • Work with a dedicated Network Control account team

About Network Control

  • Manages millions in wireless telecom expenditures for 75 customers and growing
  • Vendor neutral
  • No contingency fees
  • Over 75 Telecom Management Specialists all US-based
  • Operations Center: Waverly IA
  • Field Offices: Walnut Creek CA, St. Paul MN, Portland, OR Houston TX
  • Over 21 years of experience simplifying telecommunications chaos

Who Supports Your BYOD?

  • Corporations struggle to find the right balance between corporate-paid or personal mobile devices.
  • One of the hidden mobility costs is support for people trying to access corporate data. A typical corporation may pay their employees a $60/month stipend for their personal phone, but if that employee has to call for support, it can cost an additional $40 per month.
  • Instead, corporations can keep devices corporate-paid, and outsource support to Network Control, resulting in a much lower base cost per phone and per support call.

Customer Comments

"Since telecom inventory and spend analysis is not our core competency, I don't want our team's time wasted on it. Network Control has done a much better job than my people can. We made the right decision outsourcing. Network Control has saved us time, money and headcount. For the price of one FTE, I feel like I have at least 7 people watching all aspects of my telecom business."

CIO, Large Energy Management Company

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