Happy New Year everyone! Along with the turn of the calendar comes the telecom carriers’ changes to their product and service mixes. As this is being done, it’s important not to forget to review the carriers services guides for changes as well.

We continue to develop a lot of RFx’s for customers and negotiate customized agreements to protect our base. If the agreement is negotiated the right way they are your insurance policy for the future of your telecom landscape during the term of your agreement.

Below are four common issues to consider before you sign your next telecom contract.

  1. No “out” clause
    These addendum can include:

    • Moving addendum
    • Performance guarantees
    • Anniversary date cancellations without termination penalty
    • Installation guarantees
    • Construction addendum
  2. Business flexibility
    Protects your business from downsizes or expands through an acquisition.
  3. Technology lock in
    Your carrier should not penalize you if you are scaling products within their product portfolio. As long as you maintain a certain level of spend and within the same carrier product portfolio every business deserves the right to upgrade their services at will.
  4. Missing service level agreement
    It’s how you connect to your customers and they connect to you. Without a service level agreement in place there is the risk of outages and unreliable service.

For those who wish to retain their incumbent wireline or wireless carrier’s services and re-negotiate new pricing and terms, they can call to connect with our Professional Services team.