In a country where independence is king, independent thinking is not always the way to go — at least when it comes to outsourcing business telecommunications solutions. Sometimes the desire to keep everything in house doesn’t always help a business’s bottom line, particularly when it comes to the complicated world of Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

While IT solutions are often best handled in house with a dedicated staff, TEM can be a bit different just because of the complexity of managing all the different components of telecom: inventory, computing and reviewing invoices, handling MACDs, dealing with credits from vendors, assuming and negotiating new contracts, purchasing devices, and choosing services.

Often a company’s IT staff gets burdened with telecom management. Though, there is some overlap, telecom expense management can be quite complicated and tedious. Even when just purchasing telecom software, considerable resources must be devoted in running the software and dealing with all of the by-products. After all, software can only do so much. Dedicated human resource capital must do the rest.

Here are some of the top reasons hiring a TEM provider is better than purchasing telecom software:

TEM providers can quickly identify problem areas

Telecom expense management companies will be able to quickly identify areas where your company is spending too much on telecom and wasting money on unused services. Although you may be completely unaware, there could very well be pockets of telecom services, such as data, that go virtually unused by many departments of the company.

There may be whole departments whose members barely consume data each month. While a software solution may not catch this, a good TEM provider will be actively looking for these areas of waste.

You’re Using Your IT Department’s Valuable Time

If you’re currently using your IT department to run TEM software and deal with all of its by-products, you may be doing them a disservice in terms of wasting valuable resources and causing a nose dive in IT personnel morale.

Nothing is more frustrating for an IT expert than being reduced to chasing down invoices and negotiating cellular service contracts instead of spending their time on what they know best, what they were trained to do: IT.

TEM providers you get the reliability of experts in the TEM industry

This means, any question you have, you can go straight to your TEM provider for an answer. This isn’t necessarily true with TEM software and an in-house team that may or may not be adequately trained.

If you run into issues with your in-house telecom management, you may be wasting valuable time trying to find the answer. By outsourcing with a TEM provider, any questions you have can easily be answered just by picking up the phone.

By outsourcing your TEM needs you’ll most likely save more money than you realize

Although the initial cost of TEM software is much less than hiring a TEM provider, the cost you’ll bear in hiring someone in house to handle TEM may be extensive.

This is especially true considering the time and money spent in finding someone competent in TEM, hiring them, retaining them, and maintaining all of their training. The cost of a TEM provider is realized up front, and does not change until it’s time to renew your contract.

TEM companies provide a comprehensive TEM solution

With TEM software, processing and auditing invoices, managing MACDs, finding and fixing contracts, dealing with vendors, and purchasing devices and equipment may still all have to be handled in house. With a TEM provider, all of the details are dealt with externally.

You may not be aware of all the benefits and pitfalls various telecom products and services provide

After all, you’re in business to make money with your own products or services. With a TEM provider, you have direct access to a team of professionals who are experts in telecom expense management.

A good TEM provider will be able to offer advice on the best ways to save money, whether that be by choosing the best plan, or by data and minute pooling, or through negotiating flexible terms of service.

A TEM provider will be able to supply valuable personal insight a software solution cannot

This is particularly useful when examining how your company spends money on telecom solutions, how it handles reporting, and how it maintains accountability.

Human insight into overall company telecom practices can help your business get the absolute most out of all communication services at minimal cost to you. So while you may be spending a bit more up front by outsourcing your TEM, the savings you accrue in the long run can be significant.

A good TEM provider will be able to work with you in customizing your telecom needs

Perhaps you don’t need a completely comprehensive TEM solution. Maybe there are members of your staff who are capable and willing to handle some portions of your TEM.

If that’s the case, you can look for those TEM providers that are willing to fill in the gaps for you at a negotiated rate. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about wasting valuable company human resources to fill in those gaps yourself.

There’s nothing more valuable than having a trusted TEM resource

No need to worry about juggling in-house resources to handle telecom and TEM. Looking to a TEM provider for full accountability of your TEM means peace of mind.

Telecom and telecom expense management is a multi-dimensional, complicated, time consuming, but necessary component of any business. In-house solutions can be complicated and costly in both human capital and money.

Larger companies may do well to have an in house telecom and TEM solution with a dedicated team working to negotiate contracts, procure equipment, invoice, report, and monitor vendor solutions.

Mid-size and smaller companies however, may find an in-house solution with TEM software may be more headache than it’s worth. Finding and hiring the right TEM provider can manage as little or as much of your TEM as you need it to. This means you can spend more time on your business and less time on the non-money making necessities to make your business successful.