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Contract Management

Contract Benchmarking

You want to be sure that the contracts you commit to not only meet your needs but give you maximum value. To do that, though, you need a frame of reference and a partner who has a broad view of what’s available. Network Control is your premier telecom contract management company. We offer years of experience negotiating contracts and leveraging service providers and other vendors to provide our clients with the best pricing, terms, and conditions—and we have the track record to prove it. If you’re looking for a contract lifecycle management team to watch your back as you work on your next contract, you can count on us to get you the best balance of price, service levels and contract terms.

Telecom RFQ/RFP Development

Today’s business environment dictates a constant drive to push all IT costs down, especially communications. Getting the right range of services at the right time is critical to meeting your company’s cost objectives. Our RFQ/RFP development team takes the guesswork out of finding the right services at the right price with the desired service levels. By engaging vendors to compete for your business with an auction-style process, we are able to guarantee cost reductions of 15-35%, while reducing hidden vendor contract fees and penalties, all while improving service levels.

Contract Management

Ongoing Contract Monitoring and Management

Understanding and managing your wireless, data, and wireline contracts can be a daunting task. There are often hundreds—even thousands—of components, terms, and conditions. Incentives are often offered that look great but don’t match your business usage. Worst of all, you have no basis for comparison to tell if you if you have a good deal, or a contract that meets your business’s needs. The carriers, on the other hand, do this every day and have about a hundred-year head start on you.

Network Control’s team of subject-matter experts will alert you well in advance of your contracts’ expiration dates and annual commitment levels. We will keep you well ahead of the vendors. Through our vast Library of Contracts, we know the best terms and conditions to negotiate on your behalf. We understand the ins and outs of carriers’ tactics and practices. You can be assured Network Control will negotiate the best deals possible with our contract management solutions.

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