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Case Study – Retail Manufacturer

Customer Story: Retail Manufacturer Controls Telecom Costs During Complex Move

The Problem:
Circuit Billing Errors Lead To $500K In Overcharges

The senior director for technology and infrastructure at a retail manufacturer was faced with the challenge of upgrading the company network, which involved changes to a majority of their circuits around the globe. This project involved rerouting traffic to numerous newly installed higher capacity circuits while decommissioning the corresponding legacy circuits. Problems began to surface when the newer bills began reflecting many inaccuracies, causing the company's telecom charges to skyrocket. Examples include disconnected circuits continuing to be billed and newer circuits billing at higher costs than the contracted rate. It quickly became clear that a professional team who thoroughly understood the complex billing models of large telecom contracts was needed to get the cost under control.

The Solution: Network Control

Network Control has over 22 years of experience in managing global telecom contracts and are skilled in identifying billing errors and managing credits with the telecom company.

How did Network Control Solve It?

The dedicated account manager at Network Control worked closely with the director's team to review the bill and quickly identified several errors that required attention.

Network Control immediately filed disputes with the carrier for every questionable charge, ranging from disconnected lines being billed to incorrect rates and installs not having being charged correctly. The amount in dispute reached a whopping $500K by the time Network Control finished their initial assessment. They also tracked every dispute and credit, item by item, and met weekly with the carrier to ensure the refunds were reimbursed as promised.

Today, the outstanding credits for this company are at an all-time low thanks to Network Control’s review process. Network Control continues to review monthly invoices and contract data to ensure accurate pricing and billing items include:

  • Disconnects & credits
  • Contract rates
  • New line billing
  • Line-by-line cost tracking
  • Trend analysis/historical data

Regular review meetings and an entirely new set of monthly reports gave the director everything he needed to see where their telecom dollars were going, and where additional savings opportunities might be.


By identifying and correcting billing anomalies, Network Control saved the company well over $500,000 in the first year. The transition was completed, and the director knew that they were no longer overpaying for their telecom.

Was the company satisfied? Yes. In fact, the director was so pleased with Network Control's performance in data and voice that he moved to Network Control’s ongoing mobility management the following year.


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