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Case Study – Retail Manufacturer

Customer Story: Retail Manufacturer Controls Telecom Costs During Complex Move

The Problem:
Circuit Billing Errors Lead To $500K In Overcharges

The senior director for technology and infrastructure at a retail manufacturer was faced with the challenge of upgrading the company network, which involved changes to a majority of their circuits around the globe. This project involved rerouting traffic to numerous newly installed higher capacity circuits while decommissioning the corresponding legacy circuits. Problems began to surface when the newer bills began reflecting many inaccuracies, causing the company's telecom charges to skyrocket. Examples include disconnected circuits continuing to be billed and newer circuits billing at higher costs than the contracted rate. It quickly became clear that a professional team who thoroughly understood the complex billing models of large telecom contracts was needed to get the cost under control.

The Solution: Network Control

Network Control has nearly 25 years of experience in managing global telecom contracts and are skilled in identifying billing errors and managing credits with the telecom company.

How did Network Control Solve It?

The first step in Network Control's methodology is to start with a comprehensive audit of all invoices and penalty billing to look for errors, contractual non-compliance, double charges and other factors impacting accurate invoicing.

As a result of the audit Network Control immediately filed disputes with the carrier for every questionable charge, ranging from disconnected lines being billed, incorrect rates being applied and installations not having being charged correctly. The amount in dispute reached a substantial $500K by the end of Network Control's initial assessment. They also tracked every dispute and credit, item by item, and met weekly with the carrier to ensure the refunds were realized as committed to by the vendor.

With that foundation in place, Network Control and its TEM solution continues to analyze monthly invoices and contract data to ensure accurate pricing and billing items, which include:

  • Disconnects & credits
  • Contract rates
  • New line billing
  • Line-by-line cost tracking
  • Trend analysis/historical data

Using its analysis tools and TEMNet(r) web-based reporting,a comprehensive set of monthly reports gave management everything needed to see where their telecom dollars were going, and where additional savings opportunities might be.


With Network Control's comprehensive TEM solution in place, the company was able to save well over $500,000 in the first year. Ongoing, Network Control's experts oversee their invoices, assets and contracts, preventing errors before they happen and catching carrier mistakes at inception, thus maintaining the lowest possible cost and highest service levels for their contracted services. As a result of these strong improvements the following year use of Network Control was expanded to oversee the company's growing digital and mobility infrastructure as well.


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