You have a problem. You just don’t know where.

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) managed services will save you money, reduce risk, and eliminate wasted time on your entire communications environment. As a telecom consulting group, We find problems, fix them, and give you total control.

Telecom consulting group

Your biggest telecom problem?

Is it all the time you spend on your telecom challenges? Or are you spending way too much on your wireless expenses? Maybe you feel your business and security are at risk?


With 20 years of experience, we are one of the pioneers of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). We offer a fully managed solution that combines bill auditing, invoice management, technology and process consulting, wireless expense management, along with project management with operational and business management support. Our TemNet® web-based dashboard gives you perfect insight into all aspects of your telecom environment, anywhere, any time.

Partnering with Network Control as a telecom management group, you have expert, experienced U.S.-based resources at your command. We’re a partner who knows your environment inside and out, and can transparently manage all of your day-to-day communications network management needs. As telecommunications experts, we can even participate in strategic planning, assisting you to cost-effectively implement improvements and changes quickly and without risk.

See how we’ve helped our clients save on their telecom expenses

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Unlike most TEM providers, we don’t offer software disguised as a solution. To truly manage your telecom expenses and environment—and keep it optimized over time—you need a combination of domain expertise, technology and focused professionals. That’s the Network Control difference.

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    Fixed Pricing

    We provide a pricing structure that is customized to each of our clients that meets their needs and there is never hidden fees.

  • Wireless expense management

    Integrated Solution

    From our US based workforce to our dedicated expense management teams, our process is tailored towards creating seamless solutions.

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    Short Term Contracts

    Unlike other telecom companies, we offer short term contracts that let us build strong relationships with our clients.

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    Dedicated Team

    We have the highest ratio of support personnel to clients in the industry and they work around the clock for you.


As one of the top telecom expense management companies in the country, our dedicated team has come across many problems and come up with creative solutions to save money for our clients - whether that’s by automating processes or by fully managing all of your wireless expenses. Network Control is a telecommunications consulting firm with a dedicated staff that has years of experience in the TEM industry.

  • Mark D. Hearn

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Tanya Seda

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Tonya Schmidt

    Director of Operations

  • Laura Deneui

    Wireline Manager

  • Kendra Swanson

    Wireless Manager

Network Control provides a fully managed solution that combines bill auditing, invoice management, technology consulting and wireless expense management with operational and business management support.