Communications Lifecycle Management

Communications Lifecycle ManagementNetwork Control takes traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to the next level – Communications Lifecycle Management. Our full range of services goes far beyond just managing phone bills. We truly do it all. At Network Control we:

  • Build the inventory
  • Order the circuits, lines and wireless devices
  • Design and set up the billing formats and accounts
  • Troubleshoot downed lines or circuits
  • Order and confirm rate plans
  • Design and negotiate your contracts

To us, Communications Lifecycle Management is just that: managing the entire cycle of your voice, data and wireless communications world. That, in turn, requires a large team approach to your entire IT Infrastructure–and that’s just what Network Control provides.

Ongoing Expense Management

You can relax knowing that Network Control has the resources in place to validate any and all charges you receive regardless of the complexity of your communications contract amendments and terms.  All invoices are tagged, identified, allocated and electronically sent to your Telephone Bill system quickly and accurately. All invoices follow a detailed validation process to assure contract compliance. Each invoice is audited to assure you only pay for what is correct and valid.

  • Invoices are audited against all contracts and amendments
  • Exception items immediately identified and reported to customers before you pay
  • Eliminate Accounts Payables work with Electronic Allocation Files

Ordering, Provisioning and Escalations

Unlike most Communications Lifecycle Management providers, we can take on ALL the burdensome tasks of ordering circuits, verifying installation dates, coordinating multiple carriers and vendors.  We have the talented staff, industry knowledge and experience to offload this complex and never-ending load from your team so they can focus on more important things; and we know how to work through the maze of carriers to leverage them and get your services installed on-time and under budget.  According to Industry experts, 35% of services are installed with the wrong pricing plan or rates, but our experienced team makes sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Our Engineers work the complex maze of carrier’s teams for on-time installations
  • We assure the proper rates and fees are assigned to new services and accounts before they are turned on
  • Our record of on-time and fully accurate installation of services is unmatched in the industry